Shirley Lawrence
Mission Statement
* To provide the best possible real estate service to my clients and customers.

* To do what I do so well, that when I do it, people will refer me to their families friends and
themselves.  In doing so I can continue to help other people reach their goals and dreams.

* To always be honest and sincere, even if it means telling people things they may not wish to hear.  To
be open to new ideas and knowledge and to learn as much as I can about servicing the people who
entrust their properties and and families to me.

* To never be afraid of new ideas and technology and to embrace my job with joy knowing that God is
forever at my side.
Shirley Lawrence
* To love my fellow people like myself and never to gossip.  If I cannot find  something good to say about
a person or a situation, I will strive to be quiet and say nothing.

* To create a relationship with the people I meet that is based on high integrity, reliability and super service
to my clients and customers.

* To personally live life to the fullest while to the best of my ability lead a guilt free life.  To always
remember at the close of the day my emotional fulfillment is indeed the secret to all successful business and
personal relationships and to remember all must be balanced to maintain a joyful life.

I realize my business depends on your satisfaction.  If you are a 'happy client' you will be glad to refer me
to your friends, family and work associates.

I promise to work diligently to meet your needs and goals.

When I started in Real Estate in 1987 I worked for a company whose slogan was  "Yes, we do care!"  
Today the same slogan remains close and true to my heart...

       "YES, I DO CARE!"